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Calgel Workshop Calgel NYC |
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Calgel Training System

As a leading manufacturer, Calgel continues to uphold high standards of quality in its salon products and nail technique through its comprehensive training and certification program (for the Educator License and advanced Premier Status certification examinations) supervised by Calgel's own certified educators.

Especially, Calgel is a unique UVgel system and has a completely different procedure than other UVgels. So only certified technicians are allowed to use and purchase these products. This is so that each customer gets a set of perfect nails through proper technique, proper curing time, and proper application of the calgel. This is why we would like to educate technicians. 'To make you and your customer happy.'

Calgel Certificate is valid all over the U.S.

Again, it is important to have the right knowledge and skill for making your clients happy and trustful of you and your salon.
The more knowledge and skill you have, the more clients will love you for it and come back.

Sakura Nail Art Design Class

Dear Loyal Customers,


We are pleased to receive great feedback from our Calgel Nail Academy students and we understand some of you wish to learn advanced Nail Art Design.  Therefore, we are proud to offer Nail Art Design Class by sending our Instructor to your nail salon or your home to have a class for your convenience if you have more than Four (4) students within Manhattan.  Prior to take Nail Art Design Class, you are required to take Calgel Nail Academy Class. (Please contact us to receive the information)

Please find the brief information as below.


1) Class Contents: (Four Hours)

* Acrylic Paint (Animal, Lace, Flower)

* Sponge Art

* Splatter

* 3D

 * Option: Bring any Nail Art photos you would like to try.


2) Design Kits: If you do not have these tools, you can purchase from us.  

            -Long and Short Art Brushes              

3) The Cost of Course for Group: 


Number of Student


Price of per student

Price of Course per class


One Student

4 Hours





Four Students

4 Hours




Five Students

4 Hours




Additional each student

4 Hours

Plus $200.00/each



4) How to apply:

If you are interested in taking a class, please send us an email with the information as below or phone us to 646-757-4099.

1, Contact information:

            Name, Phone#, E-mail Address

2, Address of your Salon or Home

3, Available Date & Time to have a class

4, Number of the people to take a class


5) Our Contact Information:

Alaise New York, Inc.

104 West 40th Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10018


Holiday Campaign at Calgel New York

Happy Holiday!


Showing our appreciation to our loyal customers, we are going to have a special shopping campaign in our office.  The following is detailed information.


Location:  Alaise NY Inc. Office (Bring your ID to show at the Building entrance)

Address: 104 West 40th Street, Floor 5, New York, NY 10018

Phone: 646-757-4099

Date: November 4, 5, 6, 7, 2014

Time: 11 AM -3 PM


You will receive one (1) complement Calgel (4g) when you purchase three (3) small Calgel.

The colors and quantities are limited. Complement gel is only available during the hour (11AM -3 PM) on the dates shown above. Due to limited quantities, it will be first come first serve.

This is a great chance to add new colors to your Holiday Fashion.

Please contact us during the office hour 10 AM to 3 PM on weekdays at 646-757-4099 or e-mail at to let me know your arrival date and time to our office.

Alaise  Announces Alignment with New location In Brooklyn To Give Calgel Nail Treatment

We are happy to announce “Very Polished Lounge Salon” joins us to give Calgel nail service. 

Please stop by to treat your nails to a Calgel experience.  Following is their information.

"Very Polished Lounge"


1082 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Calgel Nail Academy Trial Introductory Class


Calgel is widely accepted and used all over the world.  The secret of its popularity is gentleness to the nail as well as beautifying the nail.  It does not cause any harm to the nail, such as peeling, or causing thin and brittle nails.  The colors stay longer than normal manicure polish.  Therefore, if you are looking to learn Calgel techniques without spending too much time or money, this is a good opportunity for you to experience how it works.  The class lasts ONE Hour with a fee of $100.00.  The class includes the following:


1、Trial Class:

                ONE Hour fee 100.00

                1)Introduction to Calgel Products             

                2)Preparation of the Nails

                3)Solid Color Practice

                4)Removal of Gels          


2、If you decide to take an original Calgel Academy Course (Express $590.00, Foundation $990.00) within three months after the Trial class, your $100.00 fee will apply to the original course fee.


3、Purchasing Calgel Products:

In order to purchase Calgel Products, you need to have Calgel ID by finishing your original course.  However, there is a limited time (within three months after the Trial class), you are able to purchase Calgel Products in Alaise NY Inc. only.


4、Special Promotion:

We have special gift for you when you take a class during the campaign period.

If you are interested in taking this course or have any questions, please contact us the number below.

Alaise NY Inc.




We are pleased to introduce 2012 Limited color Calgel #CGM30S, 31S and 33S as per attached launch information.  

These colors are offered for this season only and as the stock is limited, we would suggest you order early.


Please contact us with the phone 646-757-4099 or send e-mail at


The colors and the code numbers are listed below:



Dark Brown

CGM 30



CGM 31


Dark Green

CGM 32



Calgel Nail Academy Course in New York


We are happy to offer you Calgel Nail Academy Class in New York and highly recommend you advantage of the offer:


1) Reasons for taking Calgel Nail Academy Classes:

  • Due to the exclusivity of our products and in order to purchase our products in USA, you will need to obtain a certificate issued by Moga.Brook Nail Academy by taking Calgel Nail Class in New York office.
  • The class will be provided by our well trained educators.
  • Scheduling for the class is relatively flexible.  (Four hours a day is the usual way)
  • You will receive full attentions from an educator during the class.  The size of the Class will be no larger than five students, thereby giving maximum attention to each student.
  • We offer the class for a Licensed Nail Technician as well.
  • Special Feature: You can purchase Calgel Products while you are taking a class.


2) The Curriculum for the class is as follows:

  1. Calgel Products Information:

-Structure of the nail products and nailing system

  1. Calgel Basic application:

-Technical Information

-Practice using Calgel Products

  1. Artistic Calgel Technique


3) You will also receive:

  • Calgel Text Book
  • Color chart
  • Calgel products price list
  • Starter Kit: Included as below

 Clear calgel, white calgel, two brushes, two buffs, file, stone, top coat, CC, CA, CD



4) Classes offered based on experience:


  1. Express Course:   A Licensed Nail Technician who has been working as a nail specialist at least more than two years.
  2. Standard Course:  Trained as a Nail Technician but not received a license yet.
  3. Foundation Course:  Other than A nor B

5) The Cost of Course: 




Applicants Certificate




Total Cost


Express Course

8 Hours





Standard Course

12 Hours





Foundation Course

16 Hours





6) How to apply:


   *Send an e-mail at ( the contents below:

  1. Full Name:
  2. Address:
  3. Phone Number:
  4. E-mail Address:
  5. Your Status: (Student, Licensed Nail Tech. etc.)
  6. Choose One from Course A,B,C
  7. Your Available Date and Time:



7) Contact and the Class Location:



                Alaise New York, Inc.

                104 West 40th Street, FL 5, New York, NY 10018

-Phone:                646-757-4099



Pictures for Calgel Nail Academy Class:

 Pictures of NY Headquarters showing various sessions during the 16 hours of class work.


1) Picture of Instructor and students during class sessions.

As the picture attests both instructor and students are enjoying the class work while learning their trade.

2) Picture of students practicing  brush work.

3) Picture of Instructor and students showing the brush movement.



We are pleased to introduce 2012 Summer Limited color Calgel #CGM24S, 25S and 26S as per attached launch information.

These colors are offered for this season only and as the stock is limited, we would suggest you order early.

Please contact us with the phone 646-757-4099 or send e-mail at


The colors and the code numbers are listed below:

Pinky Blossom

CGM 24


Lily White

CGM 25


Champagne Rose

CGM 26





We are pleased to announce the arrival of three new pearl colors.  

These colors are offered for this season only and as the stock is limited, we would suggest you order early.

Please contact us with the phone 646-757-4099 or send e-mail at

The colors and the code numbers are listed below:

Aqua Blue Pearl

CGM 21


Sparkle Pink



Light Purple Green

CGM 23


*The above Blue Ribbon Nail was created by our customer using CGM21 Aqua Blue Pearl. 

  It looks cool in summer and is a unique idea.






Dear Loyal Customers,

We appreciate your loyalty to our Calgel New York Office.

In keeping with our goal to offer new products and services as they become available, it is our pleasure to announce that we had a shipment of four new colors for this season from Moga Brook Co.

These colors are offered for this season only and the stock is limited, therefore I would suggest you order early.

The colors and the code numbers are listed below:

Pinky Drop

CGM 10



CGM 11


Honey Orange

CGM 12


Melon Mouse

CGM 13








We open web site from 1 Mar 2010.
We also open shopping site. Please check out our shopping page.
Thank you.