About Calgel nyc

gelCalgel is a worldwide product started in South Africa in 1981. It spread to Asia, Europe, and finally JAPAN where we have raised the bar of “art nails”. Now a day’s, Calgel is a huge industry in Japan. It is known as the “the gel that can be removed with a solvent”.

Our company Calgel NYC has brought Calgel to New York. Located in the heart of New York City, we exclusively cater Calgel to everyone in the New York State. However, we also have customers from other states on the west coast. In the United States, more and more people are into this and even some celebrities have started to get Calgel.

Our policy is to “train and educate” people… in person so that your experience with us is more interactive. Knowledge is power and with our training program, we can actually show and demonstrate Calgel procedures, application, removal, etc. Our educator’s are well-trained and are highly-skill in Calgel. We take your education very seriously so that people understand deeply, what is Calgel. We provide classes in English, Korean, and Japanese. Our mission is simple to let people know how great Calgel is, and what better way then to start with exceptionally educators. People who know Calgel first hand, and know how great Calgel really is for your nails.