How to Use Gel Polish

Beauty will always come at a cost. Some of the highest cost that you pay for the beauty is possessing the relevant information regarding the products that you use, those that are available in the market and the new trends in the industry. For the lovers of gel polish, the best thing that you can do is knowing how to use the gel polish. This is because, along the way, you might encounter a number of problems that may make you think that this kind of polish is not meant for you.

The removal and application procedure might prove to be somewhat complex. However, the art of gel manicure is also easily mastered hence the need of all the relevant information revolving around it. Have you been looking for some information on how to use gel polish? In this article, we will make sure that we provide you with all the relevant information that you need to know about the use of gel polish.

use gel polish

Nail Cleaning

To use gel polish as: dnd gel polish, kiara sky gel polish… you need to clean your nails thoroughly to allow excellent polish adhesion on the nails. To remove the extra debris that remains after buffing, soak into 91% alcohol wipe that is lint free. Clean around the sides of the nails up to the cuticle area. Debris will lead to the gel polish sticking to them rather than sticking on the nails which call for thorough cleaning.

Shaking the Gel

The type of the formula that makes up the gel polish requires the user to shake it well before use. Shaking provides you with a more even application. You only need to shake the colours and not the base nor the top coats. You can shake the gel using your hands or even using a shaker like the Robart Paint Shaker.

Lotion or Aquaphor Application

Before attempting to apply the kiara sky gel polish or other gels polish, you should make sure that you apply some lotion or Aquaphor on the cuticles first. It allows easy removal of the gel polish that may touch your cuticles. You can also apply it when removing the gel polish off your nails to prevent excessive drying of the cuticles that can be caused by the use of acetone.

Using Short Strokes

Make sure that you make use of short strokes around the nail edges and on the cuticles when using gel polish. They help you to get even and nice lines around the nail edges. All that you need is extra care when dealing with the first layer of the colour gel. Once this is done, the rest of the layers will be easy to keep them nice along the lines.

Thin Layers

The consistency of gel polish is unlike that of the other nail polishes. This might be problematic especially if you are new to gel polish. When you dip your brush into the polish, make sure that it is not too much. Too much of it on the brush leads to pooling around the cuticles and nail edges. Make sure that the coats are thin enough in order to avoid this kind of problem. You would rather have at least 4 very thin coats than 2 thick ones.

The Free Edges Should Be Capped

When the actual nail surface has been painted, you need to paint the edges of the nails. This allows the manicure to last longer as the edges of the paint will not start to chip off. This is very essential for the top and base coat but it is recommended that you cap the edges of every layer.

Removing the Extra Polish before Applying Cure

When you allow the gel to cure in LED or even UV lamp, the polish that spreads over the cuticles or nail edges will be rather hard to remove. Make sure that you eliminate the polish that spreads over the cuticle before curing. Make use of a brush that has been dipped in acetone to do this work

Use the Right Size of the Lamp to Cure

Some of the lamps that you use are too small for fingers from both hands to be cured simultaneously. Makes sure that you make use of the right size of the lamp to cure the polish and not force fingers into it. Make sure to cover the top coat with colour and keep your nails hydrated.


There are a number of things that you may not know about gel polish. Some of these things are very important when it comes to using such polish. This is because gel polish is rather different from other kinds of polishes hence you need to take note of the things that may seem simple and irrelevant.